#18 | Cola & Cabo-De-Rama | South Goa Day 3

Finally settling down to make the last post! The third day in Goa was pretty hot and sunny. But that didn’t stop us from making the most of it. We started from Agonda around 10 AM towards Cola beach, drawn by the interesting prospect of a lagoon where kayaking takes place. If there is one word to describe the beach, it was exhilarating! Soon we were just roaming around, kayaking, strolling, resting, and spending a whole afternoon. The lure of Cola beach cannot be ignored!

Cola Beach lagoon
View from the beachside shack

There is a catch. The road to Cola beach, winding through the hills, is not an easy ride. The road was complete dust and dirt, narrow and a bit dangerous to be honest. I wouldn’t recommend driving on it if you don’t have professional maneuvering skills. The best way to reach Cola is a bike because it gets more traction on the dirt trail. If you have a four-wheeler, a Scorpio or Ford Ecosport is the best option. If you don’t have either, it is really best to walk the 30 minutes for your own safety. There are one or two people ferrying passengers on Scorpio upon calling them, and that is how we returned to the highway. After a long 5 hours, we were exhausted and definitely didn’t have the energy to hike back. Nevertheless, I can say with certainty that besides Agonda beach, we found Cola Beach the most beautiful and charming in South Goa ventures.

View from Cabo De Rama Fort

We could have watched the Sunset there too, but we had other plans. Cabo de Rama had been recommended by many previous travelers on videos and blogs, just for the view, and to soak in the Portugeseness of it all. We were right on time and spent our time till Sunset marveling at the 500-year-old fort ramparts. It is truly amazing how they were still standing as a testimony to the colonial past. As a citizen of a colonial capital city myself, I understand how the culture of the people there shapes the enigma of it all.

Cabo De Rama cliff viewpoint where we watched sunset
The Sunset was gorgeous

We sat down on the rocky sandstone ground at the edge of the cliff, waiting for the Sun to set. I really wish we had brought the tripod there, but we made the most of what little we had. Filmed the entire sunset with a hyperspeed setting on the phone camera! And then embarked on the journey back to Agonda. We were almost 30 kilometers away from the hotel, but it surprisingly took 2 hours to get back. The Western Ghats have many secrets within them, and we honestly can’t wait to go back again the next time! Goa is the secret to Susegad indeed! It is an enjoyable yet relaxing place where you can rediscover yourself if you are lost and just looking for an opportunity to rewind. Watch the whole video in the youtube link below and let me know your thoughts!

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