#17 | A day spent at Palolem beach and more

I am really excited to bring you the second day of my South Goa trip to all of you! Our stay at Agonda was right in the middle of two extremes of Southern Goa. So on the second day, we decided to venture Palolem beach via a detour to Padi waterfall, and end at Galgibaga beach.

Enjoy watching the journey which this naive traveler took through winding hilly roads with nothing but a scooty taking her anywhere the place has to offer! The weather was nice, sunny and not at all humid. It is best to wear a hat during the afternoons because it covers both your face and eyes, and always always use a full body sunscreen for protection from tanning, especially if you have plans to get in the water. I had bought the Biovera (Aloe vera) SPF 75 sunscreen lotion from Biotique, when Patna and Kolkata were still reeling from biting cold weather. It worked like a charm!

Watch my vlog right here!

Padi waterfall turned out to be a small disappointment. Even though the area was quite beautiful, there was hardly any stream of water coming down. The reason was we came in the wrong season šŸ˜… but if you are visiting right after the monsoon (Sept-Nov) do check out this place!

Padi waterfall

A stark contrast to the depths of the forest, Palolem beach welcomed us into a wide-open territory lined with fishing and tourist boats, beach huts, and big shacks offering delicious food. Pasta, sizzlers, Chinese, you name it! I became constantly amazed at how good the food was, everywhere we went! There is a boat ride from Palolem which costs around 2000-2500 depending on the season, which you can also bargain for. In the one-and-a-half-hour trip, you will get to pass by Monkey Island, Turtle rock, and spotting dolphins šŸ¬ (best seen in the early morning around 7 am) and get down on either Honeymoon beach or Butterfly beach. If you want my opinion, Iā€™d say get down on Butterfly beach as it is the cutest piece of land I had seen so far! Situated in front of two hills making a butterfly shape, the beach is very serene and a good place to break into your swimsuit and chill with your companions. After we had taken the most out of Palolem beach, we went through the famous market road and ended up buying souvenirs for our family and friends. Definitely try out the market!

Palolem beach
Mission: Lunch at Palolem
Turtle Rock, near Honeymoon beach. Seen from Palolem Beach Boat tour.
At Butterfly beach (watch the video above for more)

The trip to Galgibaga beach took 30 minutes from Palolem. The roads are highly connected and there is no issue of reaching any of these less explored places. Just turn on the Google Map and start your engines. The Turtle beach, just another name for Galgibaga, was nothing great but that was as far as one could go in South Goa apparently. The beach was quite long and stretched with the end, not in view, and walking along the length was what made this trip to Goa worth it! After all, peace and beauty are why Goa is such a sought-after tourist destination! At around 4:30 PM, we returned to Agonda for our first dip in the ocean, and enjoyed the hell out of it! The water was clean, pristine, shining blue sparkles and engulfed us continuously in crashing waves, taking away the stress of the whole day of travel.

Galgibaga beach
Walking along the serene beaches was the highlight of Day 2

That’s all for today, folks! Next week: Cola beach adventures with sunset at Cabo de Rama…

Visit next week to experience the last day of South Goa with me. Signing off!

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