Swabhumi Raajkutir on Christmas Day

A new thing that I discovered and enjoyed this year was Paytm Insider! Every year during the month of December, several events rock the city which invite the youth from all over the state. Given certain circumstances, I could not afford to go to a live band performance, but the Sun and the nice weather since the start of December beckoned, telling me it was a waste to spend such a special day indoors. So I immediately looked into Paytm Insider and searched for relatively mild events which could still make my day, would be much less crowded than usual, and included some live music.

Out of all the brunch options on Paytm Insider, I chose Raajkutir, Swabhumi because:

  • The last time I was there, the sheer seclusion from the rest of the city, the peace and quiet mesmerized me.
  • Open-air brunch was a must for Christmas when you can simultaneously enjoy the Sun and the cool breeze, a rarity in the hot and humid weather of Kolkata.
  • The service is top-notch there
  • The price (including unlimited free drinks) was quite reasonable (2499/- with tax per head).
Glimpses of the Live Performance

There is nothing much to say except that you can rely on Swabhumi to show you a very good time! It is a very family-friendly and couple-friendly place, and I had an awesome time playing with some really cute pet dogs on the premises. After the brunch ended around 4 pm, we headed out to New Town (Rajarhat), where half of the city has shown up to catch the sunset at Eco Park. We decided against entering the park as it was too crowded and ended up driving around the whole area till dinnertime at Nori, the Westin. It is an Asian restaurant, perfect with a view from the 30th floor, which gave a wide focus of Eco Park from high up in the clouds (almost).

How was your Christmas day this year? Let me know in the comments! And wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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