#15| I’m going on a hiatus, but…

Certain things have come along suddenly in my life.

I have to leave my hostel room in 3 weeks as I will have to take clearance for completion of my MD degree from the institute. Shifting to a newly rented flat is no less feat, amidst tons of work allocated in the meanwhile. Simultaneously there is the impending joining as a Senior Resident in my department. I am constantly thinking about this transition process, which has come once again in my life after a long 3 years of COVID-wreaked Postgraduation.

With our former Director Sir
India vs Pakistan match in Auditorium

Having missed Saraswati Puja celebrations this year, I was sifting through department work to Cinescape work to Personal Vlog editing. A lot of memories made their way to the forefront. Right now, I am very nostalgic about the early PG times, knowing how to conduct professionally, and learning from the best of people. My guide, Professor Sanjay Sir has been a second father, looking after me for the past 3 years, and I will never be able to return this huge favor. Being a girl out of home for the first time in 25 years, all the faculty of AIIMS Patna have taken care of me like their own daughter. Combined with love from home, I think I finally have got the strength to make hard choices and decisions on my own, knowing that all will be with me every step of the way. Growing up to be the confident independent woman I dreamt of, happened right here in AIIMS Patna!

With my guide Prof (Dr) Sanjay Pandey sir
With my Co-PGs of CFM Department
With my CFM department of AIIMS Patna
Halloween celebration in AIIMS Patna
With some really adorable people

With good memories, there are some bad memories too…but they pale in comparison to the marvelous people I have met here in Patna. I am truly grateful for all the help and love I have received from them and will make it a point to carry this kindness forward in life. But now that so many activities are happening in the coming of the next phase, I have to take a break from regular blogging. I am still working on editing and making a vlog that will be ready in the next 3 weeks, with which I will definitely resume my regular blogging on this website!

Till then, adios! I hope you stay well and happy. I will tuck myself in with Lata di’s songs (today she passed away at the age of 92 years) keeping me company… See you all in March!

With my family back in Kolkata
It’s just a hiatus. Will be back soon!

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