#10| The Opening of Movie Club: Cinescape

Cinescape: Elit Infinite, the movie club of ARDA, AIIMS PATNA

My days of watching movies at overpriced cinema halls are over (hopefully)! In an entertainment starved area like AIIMS PATNA, we often look forward to searching for relaxation and recreational activities, but usually fail in the process. The city is 15 kilometers away. The only thing good about this place recently is having some good places to eat. Thanks to the residential status of the majority of the students here, there has been some progress in eateries, not so much in visual arts. So the Academic Resident Doctors’ Association triggered the rejuvenation of an idea. A movie club, by and for the people of AIIMS PATNA…. faculties, residents, and MBBS students alike. It is like a royal treat by the organizing committee of ARDA!

Chappie (2015)

The first day of the movie screening was debuted by Chappie (2015). It was a new dystopian scientific fiction drama movie that came as a major entertainment piece for the students and residents of our institute. The rise of a new sentient robot, possibly threatening the existence of humanity as we know it, is an ethical dilemma the scientists have predicted in reality. The movie converted that well-established conundrum into a high-quality CGI visual! Peppy talks and a sense of justice by a robot are hard to imagine, but “Chappie” was very effective in capturing that essence and presenting it on an urban humorous platter.

Apart from that, there was a 20 minutes movie quiz just before the screening, that saw lots of participation and engagement, with people answering from all over! Sound and video effects were also there, with non participating audience also diving into the action! Lastly, three winners were awarded prizes and gifts, and then we all delved right into the movie after that!

Then we launched into the onslaught of fun, comedy and laughter with Hera Pheri, the classic Bollywood film where three people living under the same roof go through life in dire need of money, and come across a not so legible way to gain it. It was intensely fun. Amidst a packed hall, we were feeling one with the very rhythm of the college. Till now, with 2 movie screenings under the belt, Cinescape has ploughed through and we hope it never stops. There is an upcoming horror movie screening fest coming, and we do not know the dates soon, but there’s surely an artistic and genre based entertainment lying in wait!!!

Hera Pheri screening poster

Follow the movie society on instagram at @cinescape_aiimsp

Website: https://cinescapeaiimspatna.wordpress.com

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