#9| Beachy menace

You would imagine your beach to be like this right? But guess what, the tourist spots are hardly this peaceful and empty. Sometimes it feels like walking into a carnival, but in water. People are throwing hoops, plastic footballs, balloons to each other, holding other’s hand and venturing far out into the sea. Even the lifeguard’s incessant whistling cannot stop them to dive further and further in the current. Just add music, and it would trump any beach party.

As a withering old soul who craves for some kind of travelling far and wide, seeing something close to home 🏠 surprisingly brings you back to some normalcy. In the midst of a hectic schedule, we forget that we will one day be one with Nature again, and what we do matters as long as we do for Nature. Or else it will be lost to oblivion. But the overcrowding menace at the beach shows no end to the onslaught on Nature’s reign. The more you try to tame Nature, the more it will resist, sometimes even take a life.

Respectfully being one with Nature is the only key here. We managed that well for more than first 200,000 years, but then we thought ourselves to be better than anything in the whole world. Ironically, we began the road to our own downfall. All things normal would be gone and we would be left behind with the carcasses of these harmful balloons, hoops and plastics.

Anyways, things took a dreary turn there. Every discussion on climate change is. But I am here to talk about the beach. When I was little, I liked the beach a moderate amount. Safe to say I wasn’t in love. But on growing up, I came to know that there is a whole other world down there, in the depths of the Earth, covered with water and inaccessible due to Pascal pressure. We hardly know much about deep sea life, many of the animals being undiscovered. It just feels frustrating that we are destroying the very thing that had made life possible over land. Overcrowding is one such bane.

What all we can do about it, my friends? Something which is possible at our level. Let me know what you think. This has got me thinking hard about our reason for existence on Earth: whether it is to pursue our selfish goals, or make this world a more habitable place, so that our future generations might not have to leave Earth.

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