Rooftop View: The Name Says It All!

The heat had ebbed somewhat, so after college hours the two of us decided to revisit our favorite place in the very heart of Calcutta, at Rabindra Sadan. The place is rightly called Rooftop View because…..yes you guessed it 😛 ……it’s on the very roof of Vaibhav Plaza on Lee Road. This is quite an old vegan restaurant, mainly prioritizing over a multitude of southern Indian food and cocktails. Coupled with a breathtaking view of the city skyline, under the vast starry shroud of nature, Rooftop View is a decent place if you want to get snacks and spend some quality time with friends, family and loved ones.

When we reached the top floor, a staff member showed us the way in. There was an inner portion and an outer portion of Rooftop. Inside was beautifully decorated with golden lighting and neatly arranged tabletops, but you would be missing out if hadn’t tried the outdoor portion! Indian remixes were playing from the wall mounted speaker. We pulled out the iron chairs to sit down, rested our bags in front, and started scanning through the menu. Now, the best time to drop by here would be half an hour before sunset, so the sun’s not too strong, you get to see an amazing color-draped setting sun and later, stars twinkling.

A quick view of the indoor and a synopsis of the outdoor. Here I’m facing inwards.
Heritage buildings seen from the edge of Rooftop View. Here I’m facing outwards.
A beautiful sunset, warping red and orange lights into its canvas
The elevated outdoor portion of the place. The place wasn’t crowded thankfully 🙂

The food is quite low-priced, and quality is one of the best ever in this city. They make dosas & pizzas here that will make your fingers buttery and your palate wanting to taste more! YUM! Other than those, Rooftop View serves equally tasty many-flavored uttapam, idli, vada, sandwich, pizza toppings, mexican tacos and enchiladas along with beverages, drinks and Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. If you’re interested, this is the 2 page menu.

Once a class mate recommended the Onion Butter Masala Dosa, and since we weren’t exactly ravenous, we decided to order just one. The size and amount are large enough for both of us at the moment. Then we decided to go for the most pricey drinks: American Ice Cream Soda. Let me show you how much they served. (Note: they gave fillings more than you could ask, of their own accord. I like the ambience and positive vibe exactly for this.)

Okay, this picture may be deceiving, but the dosa in the middle was large! They gave the vegetable gravy and raita separately for both of us & a refill for each gravy. On two sides are American Ice Cream Soda, with a glass bottle of “Cottons” soda for refill for each drink.

Starting with the dosa, the Onion Butter Masala was an instant hit firing pleasure signals to the brain. We couldn’t help gorging it down! The core was filled with delicious chopped onions and mayonnaise which left a creamy finish in our mouths. The whole dosa was fried in butter, so our fingers demanded licking with every step. Those spoons were only needed while slurping the gravy, and later on when our fingers weren’t enough to pick up the dosa filling. The restaurant staff was amazing: even before asking, they were present. Maybe because there were no other people until much later, but I ain’t complaining!

The Onion Butter Masala Dosa

We should now talk about the American Ice Cream Sodas. Served in strong plastic drinks glasses, they were a mixture of soda and candy-flavored creamy syrup, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Or was it strawberry? I’m confused! 😛 Rest assured, we LOVED it, all the way from top to bottom!

American Ice Cream Soda: Don’t miss any layer, they are all amazing!
When the soda is finished, fill the glass up!

The price breakdown:

Onion Butter Masala Dosa——1——-105/-

American Ice Cream Soda——2——-156/-

VAT(14.5% on 261/-)——————-37/-

Service Tax(6% on 261/-)—————16/-



See? Quite low-priced, isn’t it? If we’d taken two dosas instead of one as usual, it would have amounted to about 500/-. Ergo, if you’re in Calcutta and urge for a quick bite, Rooftop View is the right place! One word to rightly sum it up: NICE! Verdict: Definitely worth a visit.

The sky is inching towards darkness. We watch in awe the mesmerising stream of yellow and red.
Evening rolled in, railings and lamps lit up. If only there was a candle 🙂

Pictures: Rajib Sardar and me.


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