Everyday was a Fairytale, and still will be!

Let me think…..a Song that connects to the soul and means something in my life. Songs used to be a big part of my life. During those hot sultry nights when I used to return from the tuition centres after pushing through 7 hours of school, I put on the ear phones, hit the play button on the music app, and just rested my head against the window of the bus, looking at the city go by. It was the easiest and gentle form of relaxation, I didn’t try to make any sense out of the lyrics like some music aficionado friends I had. Only tried to listen and let it soothe my mind with the beautiful music playing and a voice resonating through the brain cells. There was one among the crowd, sung by Taylor Swift.



Today Was A Fairytale

This isn’t in any studio album, as far as I know, neither is there a video or performance recorded on her youtube channel. But it was the second song by Taylor Swift on my playlist, right after You Belong With Me, which was a rage all those years ago. Later I came to know she sang it for the film Valentine’s Day as an original soundtrack. This song’s special because my then-boyfriend gave it to me through Bluetooth. Its music is soul touching and made all those feelings very real back in the day. I used to think about him on the bus while listening to this particularly lovely melody, and they became inseperable inside my mind. Today was a Fairytale is the name of the song, but every day used to be a fairytale with him, until our untimely bitter breakup two years later, that is. However the magic of the song is still there! I listen to it and try to imagine a really bright future with the one meant to be in my life. This journey isn’t over, night’s still young. I’m sure Today was a Fairytale will forever be that one constant echoing the true happiness my life has in store.

Courtesy of the Discover Challenges from WordPress The Daily Post. This was quite refreshing!


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