24th October: Special Day due to…..

A Very Happy Birthday 😀

My crazy best friend Sohini Basu‘s birthday 😀 We have been friends ever since I came to this Baghajatin locality, about 16 years ago. She was this funny, humorous, intelligent, vocabulary-enriched didi, endowed with English and Bengali speaking and writing talent, of whom I always remained in awe, and wished to be more like her. Then a few years later we discovered we were both mad Potterheads! Hours and hours of Potter talk and theories and discussions…..without a second thought! Talking with her made me laugh hard in simple everyday conversations…such was her capability to bring fun into everything. However, both of us got busy with studies eventually, meeting less and less with each passing year, until I came to know she’d got a job at Cognizant that many only dream of, just 2 months after getting her B.A. degree in English(Hons.)! She practically showed me that anything is possible, when you set you mind to it! This November she completes three years at her job, and will give her entrance test for post graduation/MBA. I wish her all the best from the bottom of my heart ❤ Don’t look back didi 🙂 because…..

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost


Semester’s driving me crazy!

Theory exams of 9th, our last Semester, ended today at Medical College! Emotions running high! (Yes I know it sounds a tad dramatic, but who doesn’t love drama?) Came home. Opened WordPress 5 days after posting The Puja Wear as SIP #1, except for the occassional notification checks. Yeah….many many thanks everyone, for reading and liking the posts throughout that time! 😀 Spent the evening exploring others’ blogs and became inspired, excited and motivated! The spinning head came to relax at a hovering point over the pineal gland, or what we call the third eye in India, and I gently drifted into the land of dreams.


WordPress didn’t disappoint me either. Every one of you is amazing! ❤

Suddenly, 3 special notifications rang and woke me up! 500 total likes, most follows and likes in that day yet. The notifications came almost an hour apart, between which I excitedly ate, blogged and repeated the cycle. Then too tired to see more, I bid goodnight at 12.30 AM. The day was different than most special days, but was really worth the adjective 🙂 Once again, I thank my fellow bloggers for the motivation and encouragement! Couldn’t have done it without you guys! Stay cheerful, have a great day and a very Happy Diwali! 😀

PS: The record for this last one is today 50.


10 thoughts on “24th October: Special Day due to…..

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