Diwali decor: Transmogrification at night


WordPress The Daily Post presented this week’s Photo Challenges.

Transmogrify: it’s a new word I’ve heard, and to be honest, there’s few things I have watched being transformed. One is the tree in our backyard which was cut down to its bare remains last winter. Its leaves used to turn bright red when the cold season arrived, looked like red coloring was dripping. No luck this year, though. So I thought, why not hit two birds with one stone? I get to show you guys how my verandah transmogrifies into a plethora of twinkling colors, and also wish you a very safe and Happy Diwali! Goodnight! Burst the crackers, have fun! Love you all ❤ . PS: This is the first time I’ve made a gif 😀





    • Diwali is the Hindu/Indian festival of lights, based on a three thousand year old myth, so might not be a myth at all 🙂 who knows. It signifies the day Prince Ram of Ayodhya came back from his exile and became King. The history is quite interesting and very old. But the celebrations are like those of 4th of July.

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