Special Intermediary Post or SIP #1: This Puja, yours truly, the Calcuttan wore…..

2016 Durga Puja wasn’t very exciting because of the impending exams, or doom as you can call them, just a week later. The only real pleasure was in the new dresses and kurtis I got to wear from Sasthi to Dashami, along with new accessories and handbags. The only rational reaction was to save at least one picture of each getup and publish under Fashion as a Special Post, since the next usual post is going to be about Tank tops, as promised. 🙂

The 6th day of Devipaksha and my first day of a short Puja exploration

The Sasthi dress, printed brown and off-white, clinched at the left waist. Picture courtesy: my sister, Prapti Roy


Saptami, my favorite day of this Puja. Why you ask? Friends, that’s why!

Saptami getup, in my locality. Sanskrit printed black and white kurti with black leggings and Oriflame orange sling bag. Picture Courtesy: Sohini Basu, a close friend

The new skin-colored flat footwear from Bata with a golden metallic belt is the newest among Puja shopping, which I bought on Sasthi with the help of my friend Ishika. Her choice is undoubtedly the best, since I’m a little blind when it comes to certain kind of fashion. I wore this footwear with the Saptami dress, and it looks excellent with black!


This kind of clutch in the footwear is a new for me, you can adjust the tightness of the belt with the buckle. For my little feet, I chose for maximum tightness. Then all you have to do is put the clutch on one side of the buckle, like in the pictures below, and it’s set. Super! 😀



Navami Highlights (Since I chose to stay back home and study on Astami)

Picture courtesies: Prapti Roy. I’m wearing a new off-shoulder Baggy Top with regular light blue soft jeans. With it, I’m carrying the pink/skin-colored Oriflame Cellphone purse
The blue glittering butterfly shaped ear studs
My ever favorite navy printed comfortable flat footwear adorned with plastic blue ribbon


Dashami….. everything has a sad ending *sigh* Can’t wait for next year!

The multicolored vibrant kurti with black leggings, a new favorite, along with the navy footwear. Picture courtesy: Rajib Sardar
Forgot to photograph it earlier: It’s the Oriflame Navy Clutch Bag I carried with the dress

Not so stellar a collection of garments and accessories, I agree. But they are  good for henceforth use every now and then which is really essential 🙂 So…..a mediocre Puja spent, with expectations for better days in the future years. Already the countdown has started. Tick Tock! Meanwhile Diwali’s coming and I wish everyone enjoys the festivals yet to come! It’s so good to post after three days. 😀 Night is here, bed is calling. Sweet dreams! 😉


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