Local: The large terrace and its views

WordPress The Daily Post, though gives one challenge per category per week, seems to come very quickly by the time I publish the previous one. After writing on themes such as Nostalgic and H2O, this week the Photo Challenges category has brought forth: Local.

The terrace of our apartment, a bliss of solitude, my secret recluse, offering great views.

Below is the locality where I live, it’s recently become a bit congested but it’s home sweet home after all. 😀 Almost every afternoon I climb up three flights of stairs to catch the amazing glimpses it offers. A small locality encompassing everything someone craves for a lazy afternoon.

The West
The East
Perched upon the Water Tank
The Road Ends Here, Another Begins
Birds flying in no definite direction far away over Hiland Park Building
Is that a comet? A meteor? Or just something unimportant? Who knows…..
Finally the sunset begins
The sky turns the shade of purple and red
The panaromic view from terrace



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