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Entry to this week’s Radical Authenticity in the Discover Challenges of WordPress The Daily Post. The following is fictional, and any resemblance to a real life story is very very unintentional. The big question arising out of this post: Are people really what they seem like on social media? 

Facebook status: 12.25.2013


Jingle Bells, everyone! Having a blast — at the Crosswords Restaurant with Ben and two others.



Gary Seems like you had fun :/ You look lovely, btw.



Facebook status: 01.05.2014

Merlina –> Gary

Flying to the next town! I’m coming, baby! Lots of love.


Facebook status: 01.06.2014

Merlina is feeling excited

I’m really sad that you didn’t come to pick me up at the airport 😦 Missed you! But hey, look at me shopping!



Facebook status: 01.06.2014

Merlina is feeling upset

Had a huge fight with Gary, this is madness! Today’s plan ruined 😦 😥


Facebook status: 01.07.2014

Merlina –> Gary

Wow, the evening sky is amazing from up here! Gary, you missed it. And baby, I’m so sorry for yesterday, consider this my apology. Let’s have dinner tonight. 😀 — feeling refreshed



Gary Alright, dinner it is, but you’re paying.

Facebook status: 01.07.2014

Merlina is feeling not so well

No matter how hard I try, this day and trip isn’t getting any better! Rats!


Ben What happened now?

Merlina Nothing buddy, I’m alright, just had to get this off the chest!

Garci You can tell us, you know 🙂

Merlina Thanks Garci, I might just brave this and live to tell the story!

Facebook profile of Merlina: 01.09.2014



xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Daily Post News

Forlok, 01.09.2014

Dead body discovered inside apartment, girlfriend suspected

by Mason Bridge

35 year old white Caucasian male, Gary Custers, was found dead in his room in the downtown apartment building Beavers last evening. Police say the body had been there for at least a day until a neighbour found it odd for Gary not coming out for his daily evening stroll with him, eventually broke down his door and discovered the crime scene.

Local reports show that Custers was very recently devoid of a job, and his girlfriend Merlina Swan was visiting over at the time. The couple had argued the night before and also the same night he was murdered with a sharp kitchen knife in the chest. There were signs of struggle on his face and bruising on his neck and hands. Another first floor resident remembered to have seen Merlina hurrying out in the middle of the night from Beavers, from his balcony. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Police have at present blocked the social media pages of the victim and the suspect for ongoing homicide investigation.

A police spokesperson (name with-held) mentioned that the arguement was probably due to a ton of unpaid debts by the victim and how the suspect was refusing to return the credit card given to her by Custer a year ago. A credit card bill, along with the card itself cut into pieces, were found under the bed in the room. It is a conjecture that probably a fight had ensued, at the end of which the suspect stabbed him in the chest and fled the crime scene. However, she made a Facebook post after his time of death on the 7th of January, saying “No matter how hard I try, this day and trip isn’t getting any better! Rats!”

The police have put out an APB for Merlina Swan, whose fingerprints were also discovered on the murder weapon. Further investigation is ongoing and reports still pending until the suspect is arrested, said the spokesperson before exiting the crime scene.



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  1. Nice pick! Understanding is the shortest distance between two…. Not those thrilling photos or lovely comments in social media. Live and let live… So there needs forgiveness and open heart to love…

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