October 9 & 10: Best days for my blog yet

3 milestones reached in the span of a day and a few hours of the next. Can’t believe it! All thanks to you guys who have been visiting Vibes of a Calcuttan. Thanks to those who liked the posts, commented and interacted enthusiastically, motivated me to post more and more for you, and to experiment in different areas of writing, socializing & photography. 🙂

At around 9 at night on 9th October

The night started with the number of followers surpassing the mark of 100, which made me thrilled and urged to carry on blogging and talking to everyone the rest of the 9th.

Current tally rests at 105.


Then this came, at 12.10 AM on 10th October

The clock struck 12, but the view count continued to increase. Absolutely no idea why! Maybe because of the difference in time zones. Hence I waited till the view count of 10th Oct started. The timing was a marvel too 🙂 12.10 AM!!! I became overwhelmed. The last highest view record for a day was 71 a few days back, and today it almost touched a century. Sad a little because it actually didn’t, but pretty pleased all the same 😀 99 is a good score, considering the snail’s pace at which I have been engaging on WordPress.


Special notifications kept appearing


Had to open the Countries of views since the list of countries couldn’t be held in a single page for the first time in blogging. This beautiful different shaded map made my day!
The highest variety of viewers ever, from you guys over the world 😀 A shout-out to you all!


At around 1.15 in the morning, the good news arrived 😀 Views finally crossed a millenia!


It’s a start, and for that I have only you to thank. You who have made every day of blogging golden. A million thanks won’t be enough to cover it! ধন্যবাদ। धन्यवाद! Gracias! Merci! Grazi! Obrigado! Mulțumiri! Terima kasih! Efcharistó! Takk! And thanks in languages I don’t know!



Writing has always been my passion, and I’m lucky I had plenty of support from my parents. 🙂 They aren’t on social media so I can’t tag them, but I sure can tag my best friend Rajib Sardar who has seen my highs and lows yet always stood there like a pillar, always lending strength and support when I needed them the most. He is an amateur photographer, as many of you know by now, and it seems fit if I support him too, by sharing his passion to the world and garnering your thoughts on it, how he could improve.

A few glimpses:

His website is a joint venture we’ve taken, and I’ll be thrilled if you checked it out here! It’s not WordPress, but powered by WIX, which Rajib chose. If you love a picture here, click on the love button. If you love an album, do the same 🙂 As some professionals may notice, his pics aren’t clicked with a DSLR because he’s yet to buy one, very very soon. However, because of the same pictures, my blogs don’t go only black and white, and I’m super grateful for that! In the Contact section, do send your thoughts and advice! We need it! 😀

Photography In Session:A Photography Website created by novice dabblers in photoblogging

I’m thinking of ways to write a new post for you guys on an interesting topic soon, besides the Daily Challenge. When you are there for me, I’ll be there too, enriching each others’ lives with new interesting and beautiful blogposts. I’ll go check the Reader now for more. Have a great day! 😀


PS: It’s now 11th October technically, the 10th just ended half an hour earlier. I’ve been away today so didn’t blog much, and the maddening showers in this city has left everyone stranded on the road, making me return very late. Tired, sleepy, it felt like a habit to open the laptop and check the WordPress App. Imagine the surprise on my face when I saw this!



O’Shine ORIGINAL, look, Nigeria is there, so you really were there for the best days yet! So are Philippines, Indonesia, Switzerland and Germany! Everyone, THANKS a ton, again! Only wanted to share the excitement 😀 All right, 10th Oct is over, so I’ll stop now. Cheers!


46 thoughts on “October 9 & 10: Best days for my blog yet

    1. Yeah that I noticed too 🙂 no worries, you’ll definitely be on the next best day! And I love reading your blogs, they are funny and enlightening, lightens up the mood! Thanks for the comment and I’m glad I know a great blogger like you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. . . . I always look out for you too. I’ve known a lot more about India from your perspectives too.

        You guys from over there are all excellent. I’m excited about that discovery.
        Your passion. Your work rate.

        Thumbs up.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. And I’ve known a lot about Nigeria which I couldn’t have known otherwise. The positivity with which you view and reminisce your whole life is infectious 😀 makes your blog posts some very interesting reads! You’re excellent too! Keep up the amazing blogging!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy to hear the stats are faring in your case! 😀 You’ll definitely go to the top, surpass me 😛 and we’ll continue to support each other’s blogs along the way. Cheers! Thanks for reading this post 🙂 You keep writing too; am looking out for more!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for that 🙂 It sure feels great to be connected to so many people among which the only common connection is love for sharing our lives. And sometimes that fraternity motivates and helps us to achieve the best moments of our lives!


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