My four-legged love at Nagarkot, Nepal

Animal is the theme for this week’s Discover Challenges! And the most memorable time I’ve spent with one is a fluffy stout street dog in Nepal, wagging its tail and rushing to sniff and lick me whenever we met. I was with family and friends for a two-week trip in Nepal, and Nagarkot was one of the last stops before heading back. On the first day I got there, I freshened up and was sitting in the lobby when there were several loud voices just outside the porch. There, some local children were merrily playing with a cute big canine which didn’t make a sound! Never have I seen a quieter dog, so I figured I could go pat him.

He was phenomenal! Not only he let me close, he was all over me (literally!) and I couldn’t help myself but hug him tightly. What they say is true, a dog is a man’s best friend. Even though I was a newcomer, he accepted my presence gladly, and vice versa 🙂 Or maybe he was just looking for an adorable pat from anyone who was willing. He followed me with his three kids when some of us strolled down the paved mountainous path to a nearby cliff. More than anything, I loved playing with him! The next day, we were scheduled to see the Sunrise with the Himalayan range adorning the panaromic view, and guess who met us with sleepy eyes at four in the morning? He didn’t have a name, though, so I started calling him by the generic Tommy and posed for some pictures, while he incessantly yawned away. Because of him, I’ve never been afraid of trotting street dogs since.



Sadly the third day it was time to go. We had a ten hour road trip ahead straight to Raxaul, India from where we would board the train back home. I was miserable on the inside, honestly. To tell the truth, I hadn’t found Nepal much impressive except for the occassional brilliant places, while most things seemed artificial and ideal for tourist traps. Even more disappointing was the fact that we couldn’t see the Himalayan range from Nagarkot after all, thanks to the impeccable timing of a huge cloudy veil. But it felt like my four-legged friend made coming to Nepal worthwhile! Tommy was the best thing that happened to me in all the trips I’ve been in combined! (I’m not exaggerating.) I miss him so much even now; the two days spent with him is something I will treasure forever. When we were leaving, he came to greet us one last time, watched with his ever-gentle eyes, wagged his tail and put his head on my lap. After a while, we boarded our bus and went downhill. He was standing right there, maybe thinking we would come again tomorrow. I wish I could 😥


Thank you WordPress The Daily Post for giving me this opportunity to relive my strongest memories and feelings again 🙂 Looking forward to next week!


16 thoughts on “My four-legged love at Nagarkot, Nepal

    1. Thanks 🙂 I really wish to get back to Nepal only to see that mountain range we’ve missed, otherwise everything else in that route is covered. I also wish to see Lumbini, Kapilavastu and Devdaha the next time 😀 Thanks for reading the post! Have a good day and thanks a lot for the follow!!! Cheers.

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