#2 Baggy Tops and Cigarette Pants

Baggy tops are a kind of loose top, which are really comfortable, and more worn in street fashion than fitting dresses. In a hot country like ours, wearing loose tops not only makes us feel comfortable and our body accessible to flowing air to disperse all the sweat, but also covers a substantial portion above the waistline to the hands, as is acknowledged within our cultural norm.

Now I’m not saying that because this is India, we cannot wear what we like. Of course you can, and I am in full support of that! But many girls still shy away from trying out Western. They keep thinking with that same conservative mindset, that Western means ‘revealing’. I’m here to tell you, it’s definitely not. Western fashion encompasses a variety of clothing choices, and you can mould it to your need or liking. You can cover yourself up from neck to toe and still be the sexiest girl in the party, and people will ogle at you. Because you can look genuinely and exceptionally good in it.


Baggy Tops

Usually, baggy tops are clinched at the waist or around the hip. Above, the top hangs widely loose around your body, and the clothing may not touch you at all sometimes. It looks better if it comes with half sleeves or 3/4th sleeves. These tops impart the cool casual factor in your body language, and is perfect for regular outings. I have one that I bought almost 6 years ago, and still wear it in college (when I go, that is).


This sea-blue colored baggy top is a personal favorite of mine. It is wide necked and half sleeved, tight around the hip.


What I’m wearing beneath the baggy top is an orange innerwear top, also called a tank top. But I’ll talk about tank tops later. It is quite popular among those who work out, and also among fashionistas who wear it to enhance the nature of the tops worn over it.

These low neck, narrow strapped, joint back ones are a form of tank top, which I’m wearing.


But all loose tops aren’t clinched below: the bottoms are wide open. That’s why I said the baggy ones are only one kind of it. If whole of the top is loose, it doesn’t seem like a bag anymore, does it? With a tank top, it would probably look like this.

A loose top with the grey tank top underneath.


Also, check these out!

Round neck loose tops. You can wear them with jeans or shorts or capris.



Wide neck loose tops.


Off-shoulder loose tops (single shoulder). Wearing it single may not look as good as wearing with a tank top or a pre-attached strap.



Off-shoulder loose tops (both shoulders).

Another addition to this fantastic outwear is the cigarette pant. In the 1950s USA, cigarette pants were a rage, and widely used, along with the advent of capri pants. They used to come usually in black, had high waists, side or back zippers, flat fronts, wide waistbands, full hips, slim fitting through the legs and ended at just above the ankle. Nowadays, they still end above the ankle, but obviously not only in black. Any bright colors look cool too! They look quite cute if you want to get accustomed to the category of slim-fit pants, such as skinny jeans. Cigarette pants are also worn these days by women in law, business and corporations (these have to tally to their dress codes, so most preferably black/grey in this case).


Cigarette pants in many forms, with zippers in the middle or side, whichever you deem fit.



They usually end just above, or a few inches above the ankle.


The bright yellow one I own.


Lucy Mecklenberg headed to her boutique in Essex, wearing a yellow baggy top and chequered cigarette pant.


Try out this trending fashion, along with matching accessories and make-up. The female celebrities, on their leisurely days, are all for it. So why not you? If you own such varieties of outwear, don’t forget to leave a picture in the comments section! Me and lots of other fashion forward curious minds would like to take a look!

Speaking of varieties, I’ve got a bonus related to today’s baggy tops. Technically these aren’t tops, but dresses. At a glance, you might mistake them for the former, however such dresses look very glamourous when anyone wears them.


The dress has a loose top but a tight bottom. Hence simply called loose top tight bottom dress. As apposed to clinched, the bottom here takes the form of a tight-fitted short skirt.

Keep watching the Fashion category for more. Next up, Tank Tops!


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