#1 It all began with nails…..

I’m going to say it before you get any misconceptions…..I’m not a fashionista. Never was, and I’m afraid I never will be. Trends to look good don’t register right in my brain. So why start the fashion section, you ask?

Because I’m a girl, that’s why.

And because even though I cannot understand the red carpet fashion much, but basic things I do get quite well. Especially the clothes part. I dig western fashion, because that’s what goes best with my figure. In case of my sister, it’s the opposite. She looks more like the Bengali ethnic one. However she knows enough fashion to be ‘funky’ (her words, not mine) too!

Sometimes the ideas in this section will be mine, and others will be of my sister and my girlfriends. There, viewership transparency achieved!

I’m starting off with showing two forms of applying nail polish.


See, told you my dear sister’s the more innovative one!

Base Coat: Oriflame Very Me Metallic Nail Polish Gold Rush 6ml (30833)

The array of colors from left to right are:

  • Oriflame Pure Colour NailPolish Mini Serene Green 6ml (30804)
  • Oriflame Pure Colour NailPolish Red Classic 8ml (26258)
  • Oriflame Pure Colour NailPolish Mini Blue Ice 6ml (30806)
  • Oriflame Pure Colour NailPolish Mini Hot Fuschia 6ml (30797)
  • Oriflame Pure Colour NailPolish Mini Midnight Blue 6ml (30803)

And the ring she’s wearing is a moonstone with silver casing.


I’m wearing monochrome. That’s my style. Single yet classy colors appeal to me more.

Left fingernails coat: Oriflame One Long Wear NailPolish Purple in Paris 8ml (30532)


Right fingernails coat: Oriflame Pure Colour NailPolish Mini Hot Fuschia 6ml (30797) yet again!

In the nail polish market of Oriflame beauty products, Hot Fuschia is all the rage. The colour is so bright and lasting, I can’t take my eyes off it!

In terms of quality, the One series is excellent! Easy to apply with a thick spreading brush, it gives uniformity to finest milimeter. The colors are enduring, rich, deep and very glossy. The Very Me Metallic and Pure Colour series are next best in line. They last longer than your average coat and presents shades on the brighter side. Considering their longetivity and quality, the price range is just apt, not very high as it may seem at first. The Oriflame products we use deliver as they promise!

Price Tags

Oriflame Pure Colour NailPolish Mini : MRP Rs. 169

Oriflame Pure Colour NailPolish : MRP Rs. 199

Oriflame Very Me Metallic Nail Polish : MRP Rs.  189

Oriflame One Long Wear NailPolish : MRP Rs. 299


Keep watching the Fashion category for more. Next up, baggy tops and cigarette pants!


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