The Raindrops


Picture credit: NOAA


The verandah was closed off. Sheets of rain made loud hammering noises on the door, and it was all we could do to keep the rain water from entering inside the house and making all the wooden furniture wet. My mom came rushing down from the terrace, half drenched, holding all the clothes which were there all afternoon. We watched from an open window near the flight of stairs, away from our rooms, just how hard it was falling tonight. The gale was furious, making the rain drift horizontally.

Slowly after a few minutes, the ground was gone and instead a thin layer of water rose to the brim of the street level. We now knew for sure the road was going to be waterlogged for the whole night. A nightmare for some, a source of delight to the children who have been waiting for this opportunity the whole season to just make their paper boats float. I didn’t know how I felt. One thing was absolutely ¬†certain though. Despite having gone through 3 months of monsoon, this evening was especially surreal.


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